West Knoyle is a small village and civil parish in Southwest England, close to the southern edge of Salisbury plain. The village is 2.5 miles east of Mere and 8 miles south of Warminster. The A303 trunk road passes about 0.75 miles north of the village.

The Monarchs Way long distance footpath passes through the village. Mackintosh Davidson Wood or Hang Wood to the southeast is a 20.3 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest, notified in 1986. This beautiful, varied wood is a mixture of newly planted areas and ancient semi-natural woodland (more than 400 years). Fields, rides, glades and open areas add variety and increase wildlife habitat. There is information at the site and is well worth a visit.

Bush Farm Bison Centre

Take a tour and see the Bison, Elk, Raccoons, Guanaco and chipmunks. There are 30 acres of oak woodland walks with secret gardens together with picnic and play areas to enjoy. There is a museum and a display of Native American art and artefacts. Try the restaurant for refreshments and light meals or the shop where you can buy bison or elk meat. Have a go at making your own bison burgers as enjoyed by the BBC film crew who visited here to film Countryfile.

Property for sale in West Knoyle

If you are looking for property for sale in West Knoyle then contact us. We have many listings in the area and will be sure to help you find your perfect rural home.

A quintessential part of life in the country is the village pub. Once just a place where the yokel locals quenched their thirst with copious pints of beer or cider and you were lucky to get a ploughmans, now just about every pub offers a varied menu and a reasonable choice of wines.

The phrase ‘gastropub’ is now in common use but is perhaps slightly demeaning and dismissive of those hostelries that serve truly great food that has been locally sourced, is fresh and cooked with style, imagination and skill. We would rather describe them as ‘fine dining pubs’ and our region is blessed with having a number of them including some that have come to the positive attention of widely read national restaurant critics.

Local country pubs

For some, a good local can be as influential for when looking to buy a country property as a good school is for others. It is not uncommon to have buyers registering with Rural View saying that they are looking for a house within a five mile radius of the Beckford for example.

We can not claim to have visited every pub on the list below, after all we are far too busy selling and letting our clients’ homes but we would be happy to discuss our personal favourites.

Rural Country Pubs in Wiltshire & Dorset

AngelHindonTel: 01747 820696
AngelHeytseburyTel: 01985 840330
Barford InnBarford St MartinTel: 01722 742242
Bath ArmsCrockertonTel: 01985 212262
Beckford ArmsFonthill GiffordTel: 01747 870385
BellSouth NewtonTel: 01722 743336
BellWylyeTel: 01985 248338
Bell & CrownZealsTel: 01747 840404
Benett ArmsSemleyTel: 01747 830221
Benett ArmsTisburyTel: 01747 870428
Black DogChilmarkTel: 01722 716344
Black HorseGreat DurnfordTel: 01722 782270
Boot InnBerwick St JamesTel: 01722 790243
Boot InnTisburyTel: 01747 880363
Bridge InnUpper WoodfordTel: 01722 782323
Butt of SherryMereTel: 01747 860352
BullWimborne St GilesTel: 01725 517300
Carriers ArmsStocktonTel: 01985 850653
CartwheelWhitsburyTel: 01725 518363
CompassesDamerhamTel: 01725 518231
CompassesLower ChicksgroveTel: 01722 714318
CoppleridgeMotcombeTel: 01747 851980
Crown InnAlvedistonTel: 01722 780335
Crown InnEast StourTel: 01747 838866
DoveCortonTel: 01985 850109
DroversGussage St MichealTel: 01258 840084
FontmellFontmell MagnaTel: 01747 811441
ForesterDonhead St AndrewTel: 01747 828038
Fox & GooseCoombe BissettTel: 01722 718437
Fox & HoundsEast KnoyleTel: 01747 830573
GeorgeLongbridge DeverillTel: 01985 840396
GeorgeMereTel: 01747 860427
Grove ArmsLudwellTel: 01747 828811
HorseshoeEbbesbourne WakeTel: 01722 780474
Hunters LodgeLeigh CommonTel: 01747 840439
Inn at CranborneCranborneTel: 01725 551249
Inn on The ChaseCashmoreTel: 01725 552230
Kings ArmsEast StourTel: 01747 838325
King JohnTollard RoyalTel: 01725 516207
Kings HeadChitterneTel: 01980 850770
LambHindonTel: 01747 820573
MuseumFarnhamTel: 01725 516261
Queens HeadBroad ChalkeTel: 01722 780344
PelicanStaplefordTel: 01722 792642
Penrudducke ArmsDintonTel: 01722 716253
Plume of FeathersShrewtonTel: 01980 621142
Prince LeopoldUpton LovellTel: 01985 850109
Radnor ArmsNuntonTel: 01722 329722
Rainbow on the LakeHanging LangfordTel: 01722 790251
Red LionHeytesburyTel: 01985 840315
Red LionKilmingtonTel: 01985 844263
Rising SunDonhead St MaryTel: 01747 828514
RoebuckSixpenny HandleyTel: 01725 552002
Rose & ThistleRockbourneTel: 01725 518236
Royal OakGreat WishfordTel: 01722 790184
Royal OakShrewtonTel: 01980 620260
Ship InnBurcombeTel: 01722 743182
Ship InnWest StourTel: 01747 838640
Spread EagleStourheadTel: 01985 840587
Somerset ArmsMaiden BradleyTel: 01985 844207
South WesternTisburyTel: 01747 870160
Stapleton ArmsBuckhorn WestonTel: 01963 370396
SwannStofordTel: 01722 790236
TalbotBerwick St JohnTel: 01747 828222
TalbotIwerne MinsterTel: 01747 811269
Walnut TreeMereTel: 01747 861220
WheatsheafLower WoodfordTel: 01722 782203
White HartBishopstoneTel: 01722 780244
White LionBourtonTel: 01747 840866
Wyndham ArmsDintonTel: 01722 716999
Yew TreeOdstockTel: 01722 329786

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