Swallowcliffe is a small village in the heart of Wiltshire with less than 200 residents. It lies 13 miles (21kms) to the city of Salisbury. There is a strong sense of community within the village and there are many events and things to do in and around the village.

History of swallowcliffe

From medieval times until the 20th century Swallowcliffe remained a rural backwater with its inhabitants engaged in agriculture and associated crafts and trades.

The industrial revolutions saw a shift with workers leaving for the towns and cities whilst the demand from incomers who sought accessible country abodes to “improve” for full or weekend use expanded. By the Millenium the transformation of the old village was clear with only a few inhabitants could claim to be “born and bred” in Swallowcliffe.

Swallowcliffe archeological discovery

A Saxon bed buried dating to the 17th Century was discovered with a reused Bronze Age barrow on Swallowcliffe Down in 1996. The burial was that of a young female aged between 18 and 25 laid on an ash wood bed with elaborate iron work fittings and surrounded by a collection of high quality grave goods (see full report by English Heritage).

Things to do in Swallowcliffe

With less than two hundred residents one can expect to discover a strong sense of community with many events and things to do around the village such as music evenings, the Swallowcliffe Society together with computer, art, debating and luncheon clubs.

The Royal Oak, Swallowcliffe

The Royal Oak Swallowcliffe

There has been a local pub in Swallowcliffe since 1852. In 2015 The Royal Oak Swallowcliffe was rebuilt and refurbished using local craftsmen and artisans.

A pretty village pub, The Royal Oak offers delicious food and 6 bedrooms for overnight stays. Offering wines, spirits and local ales and as well as tasty lunch and dinner menus, The Royal Oak is a wonderful blend of traditional 19th architecture and fresh modern interior design.

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