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October 2019

How to Sell Your Home


The idea of selling your current property can be a daunting one whether it’s the first time you have done so, it’s been many years since you last moved or even if it is something you have some experience at. HM Government has produced a sensible ‘How to Sell’ guide with some useful information on [...]

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November 2018

Marketing Your House This Winter, Is It A Good Idea?


The question regularly asked by prospective house sellers is whether it is a good idea to market one’s home over the winter months or is best to wait until spring? Traditionally the spring/early summer has been regarded as the prime selling season but in recent years the peaks and troughs between the usual ebb and [...]

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April 2018

Government to overhaul the property market & professionalise estate agents


Rural View are delighted that the Housing Secretary Sajid Javid has announced plans to introduce new measures to speed up the house selling/buying process and professionalise the estate agent sector, driving up standards and bringing an end to ‘rogue managing agents’. This is something that is more than overdue and we, together with the rest [...]

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March 2018

Moving? – Get Your Finances Sorted First


In a recent article, I urged anyone venturing into the property market to appoint a solicitor as soon as possible and preferably before, so as to pre-empt any issues and ensure a speedy transaction. The same goes for property financing and this applies to both buyers and sellers. Before one starts looking to buy a [...]

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January 2018

Reasons Not to Delay Selling


Why you should considering selling your house now It’s pretty cold out there and we just seem to be assaulted by one storm after the next. Isn’t that just one reason not to even think about moving house? Of course we can come up with all sorts of excuses to batten down the hatches and [...]

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April 2014

Selling property with Rural View


Are you thinking about selling your property? Rural View has become a highly regarded agency with a reputation for successfully selling property including country houses across South Wiltshire, North Dorset, South Somerset and West Hampshire. Our approach to selling property Our approach is simple: to provide an excellent service involving the most extensive, good quality [...]

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January 2014

September 2013

Increased demand for Wiltshire rural family houses


Now that the holidays are over and our children are being dragged back to school, it is the natural time for people to think again of moving house, with Christmas as the end goal. For this reason we've seen increased demand for rural family houses. Late Summer/early Autumn is a traditional time of year for [...]

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June 2013

Buying & Selling Property: Speeding up the Process


One of the most frustrating and emotive things about moving house is that both buyer and seller can pull out of the deal at any time. There are normally perfectly reasonable explanations, but the retraction can cause a huge amount of distress to the other party, not to mention the incurred costs. The legal process [...]

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April 2013

Selling your rural property in the winter months


Ask any estate agent about the current state of the housing market and you are likely to be greeted with a scowl!  At the start of this year, agents (and their vendor clients), hoped for signs of the long awaited recovery and although there have been one or two encouraging economic indicators, the reality is [...]

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February 2013

Should you try to avoid a chain when selling your home?


At some stage in our lives we will all move house and the complexities of the process will either glide smoothly to a happy conclusion, or cause stress and anxiety. The single main cause of any stressful move comes when a chain is involved: a who is moving to b, who is moving to c and [...]

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January 2013

Advice for those looking to sell property in 2013


The forecast for the 2013 UK housing market is that it will not be much different to 2012 in terms of property transaction levels and most commentators agree that that it is unlikely that we will see house prices recovering this coming year. Low interest rates are supporting a fragile market and while they remain [...]

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December 2011

October 2011

Winter strategy for selling property


Winter is just around the corner and in a few weeks’ time the trees will be bare, bringing to an end the traditional Autumn property market. There has been a spate of transactions over the last month or two, but those Vendors who have not sold need to decide where to go from here. The [...]

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June 2011

Avoiding the Gossip when selling your home


Selling your house under any circumstance can be a stressful experience. As soon as the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up, friends and neighbours want to know why you’re leaving and the gossip and speculation starts. Then there’s the ‘Open House’ days and viewings to cope with, particularly the time-wasters just interested in a snoop. For [...]

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