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August 2013

Is the Wiltshire housing market recovering?


While there is no particular pattern in the Wiltshire housing market at the moment we are happily seeing signs of more confidence from buyers and activity is on the up. One is always hesitant to herald the recovery, and it is likely that this is the end of the beginning, rather than the beginning of the end, [...]

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April 2013

Selling your rural property in the winter months


Ask any estate agent about the current state of the housing market and you are likely to be greeted with a scowl!  At the start of this year, agents (and their vendor clients), hoped for signs of the long awaited recovery and although there have been one or two encouraging economic indicators, the reality is [...]

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February 2013

Should you try to avoid a chain when selling your home?


At some stage in our lives we will all move house and the complexities of the process will either glide smoothly to a happy conclusion, or cause stress and anxiety. The single main cause of any stressful move comes when a chain is involved: a who is moving to b, who is moving to c and [...]

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August 2012

Your perfect rural home?


An intriguing piece of research by AA Home Energy Response has uncovered the Nation’s home-owning aspiration. You may think that most of us would like to live in an old rectory or a penthouse apartment, but no: according to this new research the most popular type of property is a three bedroom semi-detached house in [...]

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June 2012

Why Location Matters


When showing people around properties we quite often hear the comment:  ‘If only I could pick up this house and put it in another spot.’ Location is not the be-all and end-all of choosing a house to buy. There are other obvious considerations such as quality and condition, outside space, the number of bedrooms and [...]

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May 2012

What to look for when searching for a bolthole in the country


There are two distinct types of occasional occupiers who own lock-up-and-leave properties, each with specific criteria, but both with similar concerns to address. One is the escapee from London and the Home-Counties, looking for a more serene and uplifting existence. This particular neck of the woods is attracting ever more interest from such a purchaser [...]

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March 2012

Fitting Furniture into Houses


Many times over the years we have shown properties where potential buyers have been deterred because there is no room for particular items of furniture. If you have inherited any furniture or furnishings, then you will know what I am talking about; possession, pride, love, guilt and duty all unite to form a resolute determination [...]

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December 2011

November 2011

The Housing Market – November 2011


Following the gradual erosion of confidence in the latter part of 2010, 2011 turned out to be a tricky year for residential sales. Transaction levels were badly knocked and a buyers’ market swiftly evolved making negotiations challenging. While there were some very good buyers around, they were cautious and for the most part there were [...]

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October 2011

Winter strategy for selling property


Winter is just around the corner and in a few weeks’ time the trees will be bare, bringing to an end the traditional Autumn property market. There has been a spate of transactions over the last month or two, but those Vendors who have not sold need to decide where to go from here. The [...]

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August 2011

Adding Value to Property


Quite often, the houses that we buy are in need of tlc and require a sensitive injection of cash. We are all accidental developers to an extent, because maximising value should be at the back of everybody’s mind when tackling a project. The task may be as simple as replacing a dated Kitchen and Bathroom [...]

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July 2011

June 2011

Avoiding the Gossip when selling your home


Selling your house under any circumstance can be a stressful experience. As soon as the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up, friends and neighbours want to know why you’re leaving and the gossip and speculation starts. Then there’s the ‘Open House’ days and viewings to cope with, particularly the time-wasters just interested in a snoop. For [...]

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