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December 2019

The Housing Market Comes to a Stop Over Christmas Right?


The answer is NO according to Rightmove who say that the number of daily visits to their website by those looking for a houses for sale doubles over the winter holiday period. This is partly as a result of there being more time to surf the net but it’s also when people tend to reflect [...]

The Housing Market Comes to a Stop Over Christmas Right?2019-12-11T17:21:33+00:00

June 2019

Do we have something to celebrate?


This might be a trifle premature but after three years of a fairly stagnant housing market, it seems to have woken up over the last couple of weeks. Rural View have been busy not only registering new buyers, arranging viewings and receiving offers but we have also had a tranche of new instructions come our [...]

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February 2016

Is a Spring in the air?


Writing these notes on a bitterly cold late February day, it may seem strange to suggest that spring is on its way but aside from nature’s barometer of snowdrops, daffodils and even primroses and crocuses which are out already, there is also a hint of green shoots in the housing market. Over the last couple [...]

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