Chalk Stream Fishing

The Salisbury valleys appeal to many people, not least because of their beautiful views, peaceful villages and good schools. Incomers to the area often cite a quieter and slower pace of life as a reason for moving here, away from the increasingly busy Home Counties and claustrophobic Capital.

The scenery in the Nadder, Wylye, Chalke and Avon valleys is among the best in southern England and the geology of this gently undulating landscape is a reminder that much of southern England was once, a very long time ago, under the sea. The chalk stream fishing, also, is among the best of its type in the world.

Together with mid Hampshire, South Wiltshire boasts exceptional upstream dry fly and nymph fishing that attracts not only day and holiday fishermen after the elusive brown trout and rainbow trout, but even leads to country houses being sold specifically for this pursuit. Over the years Rural View has dealt with quite a few buyers who want to be within close proximity to the well managed rivers, clear alkaline waters, lush cover and good stocks of fish that good chalk stream fishing entails.

So what is it about this country pursuit that is so appealing? For many it is the challenge, for others it is the environment. Or maybe it is a combination of these and the satisfaction of a well employed craft, honed over years of experience. Frankly there is very little to beat a warm day on the Nadder, in a stunning setting, surrounded by flora and fauna, pitting your wits against a canny prey.

If you are lucky you may live on and own the fishing (Riparian) rights to a chalk stream, which can be a valuable asset as well as an enjoyable one. Valuable because there would almost certainly be strong interest in a lease arrangement or even the purchase of those rights. Enjoyable because you would have the right to fish it yourself.

The trout season generally starts in April so ‘tight lines’ for this year and if you want more information from those that have far more knowledge than I do then the following are useful contacts:

Famous Fishing

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