The value of a wonderful garden

June . 2016

It’s generally accepted that late May or early June is the very best time to bring a country property to the market. At this time of year everything is looking its best, the sun is (invariably) shining and if you have a garden to show off, now is the time to do it.

We spend a lot of time looking at different and sometimes unique properties and we often come across the most lovely gardens; stunning designs, beautifully laid out and full of variety and colour which will transform and evolve as the seasons progress.

Many people are passionate about their gardens, to the extent that it becomes more than just a hobby; it becomes an addictive way of life where the pleasure of witnessing your own living creation is all-engrossing. Now, especially, there is plenty to do and dawn-gardening in pyjamas is a reality in households across the land.

But what happens when you move house? The dream would be to pass it on to someone as passionate as you, but that’s not a given since you can’t necessarily dictate who will buy your property. It isn’t quite the done thing to start digging up your favourite perennials and loading them onto the removal lorry either, although it does happen.

The value of a wonderful garden means more to some buyers than to others. A fantastic garden may add some value to a property, but it can only be measured in terms of the balanced package, the confines of the beds, the usability of the whole area and the ‘kick about’ space if children are involved. The quality of the garden should certainly not be used as the raison d’etre for an inflated asking price, although a well-designed, mature space will always add the gloss.

As an Agent it is very tempting to get carried away when appraising a house with such a garden, and we do have to temper our enthusiasm. Of course, an external space which is well looked after and attractive will be much more appealing to buyers than an abandoned wasteland, but some people would be terrified of taking on a garden that has been honed and loved for many years, plagued by a fear of letting it go to ruin.

The answer is that if you own a much loved, self-created garden you essentially have to be pragmatic when selling, release it with a brave heart and hope that a buyer will understand its value. It may not be easy but the wrench can be softened with the thought that the challenge of the next project is just around the corner and you may even be lucky enough to find a blank canvas with which to continue the fun. If you need some ideas on garden design or planting we can certainly put you in touch with contacts who can help.

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