Moving house in 2014

January . 2014

So the festivities are over, the cat has had the turkey and those of us who have relinquished the sofa will be fighting back to normality, having resolved to change our lives for the better.

The Christmas break is when families to come together and discussions at this time often concern what the forthcoming year might bring, including house moves. More elderly parents may be thinking of downsizing, or being gently pressed by their children to do so. Aspirational moves may be toyed with, and timescales will be mooted.

For motivated sellers, the most obvious time to put their property on the market would be the Spring, when bulbs are erupting, and the first hint of green is appearing on the trees. From now on the countryside will only get better until late May/early June when it is considered to be in its prime. But with everyone thinking similar thoughts the competition among properties for sale is often fierce.

The first few months of the year are, let’s face it, pretty depressing and all most of us want to do is hunker down, Moley and Ratty style until the first shoots start to appear. However there is a strong case, especially this year, for launching your property early.

Firstly, because of the late start to the market last year, many sales chains were not completed until the Autumn/early Winter, meaning that numbers of proceedable buyers emerged late in the day. Many of them are still around now, having negotiated delayed completions or decided to rent for six months. These are very motivated buyers, though, and they will be frustrated to have to wait several months before viewing fresh property again.

Secondly, more demand than supply will mean that an agreed sale on your house is more likely and you will be in a strong position to search confidently when the market truly kicks off.

Thirdly, improving conditions and market sentiment means that we can use the lack of competition as a more effective lever in achieving the best possible price for you.

The early bird is always there to catch the worm, but important consideration also has to be given to effective marketing. Presentation is key and waiting for external shots on a crisp winter’s morning is just as crucial as capturing those blue sky moments in the summer. Light filled interiors and blazing fires can be just as appealing as full trees and colourful beds.

So if conversations over Christmas touched on a house move this year, don’t dismiss jumping earlier than convention has always suggested, because this year especially you may just steal that valuable yard on those who wait.

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