Howzatt! Rural Village Cricket Teams

June . 2016

There’s something about living near a cricket pitch whilst a game is in progress. The thwack of leather against willow followed by a polite round of clapping must surely be an integral part of village life on a summer’s day. A game of mysterious rules, strange traditions and bizarre terminology but for many cricket is an essential part of living in the country even if they don’t play or even understand what it’s all about.

Cricket is a very sociable sport and still largely played in a gentlemanly and friendly spirit between the two teams and has the ability to unite different generations and backgrounds. The traditions and rituals are an essential part of the game including the preparation of the wicket, changing room banter, toss, the fielding team clapping in each new batsman, gargantuan teas, dozing in a deck chair at cow corner and post-match beer. It is also the subject of many a conversation in the village pub over the winter months.

Cricket teams in Wiltshire

Most our local teams such as Dinton Cricket Club, Chalke Valley Cricket Club and Shrewton Cricket Club welcome new members irrespective of age or ability. If you are looking for properties for sale or rent in South Wiltshire near a cricket pitch get in touch with us and we should be able to point you in the right direction.

For anyone interested in reading more about the joys of village cricket or wanting to grasp the concepts of the game and its language, Si White, a friend of mine and fellow team mate at Damerham Cricket Club, has written an excellent, information and funny book called The Effing C Word. I even get a couple of mentions in it!

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