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August . 2015

We’ve had a good run so far this year and while we have a record number of buyers on our books there simply isn’t the supply of properties that we would expect.

The traditional complaint heard from those looking to buy good quality village and rural property in South Wiltshire and North Dorset is that there is nothing around. This is why our books are normally crammed with ready and often desperate buyers who will jump at the first sign of an attractive period house. This year it is even worse though and there is no rhyme or reason for it.

We would have expected the decisive Election result to pave the way for greater confidence and while it has done so in terms of buyer sentiment, people just aren’t putting their properties on the market. Whether it is an anomaly and the Autumn market will produce greater volume, one doesn’t know.

One reason is often that owners want to find something to move to before doing so, but this leads to a classic catch 22 because if there is nothing to market then there is nothing to view. Their concern may be that they will be put under pressure to move, but the owner of a good house should always be in the driving seat in a strong market. They may also not want to have scores of viewers disrupting their lives until absolutely necessary, which is understandable, but a simple solution is for an agent to market quietly to a select number of able and flexible buyers.

The property market is a funny beast and because it is regionalised it is never an easy one to call. There are no local concerns to influence decisions and no wider economic problems to rock the boat (although Europe is bubbling), so what is happening at the moment is mystifying. We can only hope that once the holidays are over there will be some fresh impetus and demand can be satisfied…as much as it ever is.

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