Your perfect rural home?

August . 2012

An intriguing piece of research by AA Home Energy Response has uncovered the Nation’s home-owning aspiration. You may think that most of us would like to live in an old rectory or a penthouse apartment, but no: according to this new research the most popular type of property is a three bedroom semi-detached house in a village location. Surprised?

It’s quite obvious that this survey is taken from a broad cross section of society, many of whom live in terraced cities, modern estates or suburban sprawls. Their ideal lifestyle may have rose tints, but it’s nice to know that those of us who reside in villages lead the sort of lives that others crave for and perhaps we just take it for granted.

More information gleaned from the research is that the British are keen to socialise and the most sought after feature of their dream home is a large kitchen/dining/living area where guests can be entertained.

Half the adult population would like views of countryside, mountains or sea and, while men and women are well matched in their most desired panorama, there could be a battle between the sexes over the interior layout of their ideal home; twice as many men as women would include a games room, for instance. Women, on the other hand are more likely to want to keep livestock with chickens coming out as the preferred beast.

It’s stacking up to be a big semi, but they do exist! The inference to this research, however, indicates that most peoples’ aspirations are to be comfortable, in an affordable, rural property with close neighbours and a sense of community.

The research also indicates that in the long run, increased demand could see the price of rural properties rise significantly, since as much as 34 per cent of people want to live in a rural location, yet these areas currently account for only 18 per cent of the housing stock.
The message? If you live in a village and even if you don’t have a large three bedroom semi with views, games room and chickens, just remember that you are probably living somebody’s dream.

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