Downsizing your home

July . 2011

Downsizing to a more practical and convenient property is a decision that most people have to make at some point. It may be that you are in a remote location, or rattling around in a substantial house. It may be that the children have fled the nest, prompting a change of scene and release of capital.

This is, understandably, a very emotional time and the whole process can look terribly daunting, especially if your family is remote and you have little local support structure.

There are initial steps to downsizing and, having helped many Clients with this particular move, I can share some of these with you.

The Initial Steps

The first and most obvious task is to decide where you want to move to and what sort of house you would like to end up in. Ask yourself searching questions. You may want to be closer to your children or friends, in a town with amenities on your doorstep and with a cultural buzz, or in a village with a shop and a good bus route.  You may want to do away with stairs, have ease of maintenance or a smaller garden.

Having pinpointed these priorities, you need to do your sums. Have your house valued by a few local agents and choose the lowest valuation to work on. Take advice on the costs involved in the moving process and decide how much capital you want to release. The net result will provide you with a realistic figure for your next purchase.

You should now spend a bit of time viewing the sort of house that you can afford, within the parameters that you have chosen. This will allow you to visualise the space that you can expect to inhabit and enable you to decide what pieces of furniture and possessions can come with you. These are often the most emotive decisions, given the sentimental attachments that you may have, but now is the time to try to be ruthless. Family members may be able to take some pieces and local auction rooms can be very helpful with collections.
Now that you have an idea of restrictions, the process will start to look less daunting. If you can get to this stage, there is suddenly light at the end of the tunnel, because once you start the ball rolling by instructing your agent to proceed it is amazing how the rest falls into place. There is still a way to go and you will continue to need advice and support, but a good agent will provide that shoulder to lean on.
The most important thing is that the process will now be a lot clearer and you can begin to start looking forward with more confidence.
We have had great experiences with local removals/storage companies over the years and a good personal service is so important when downsizing. Mews Moves is just one of these firm and you can find more information on

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