Country Moves After Lockdown

May . 2020

For those of us living in the country, we may take for granted the clean fresh air and beautiful countryside around us, but at times like these, I bet we are all very appreciative of what it has to offer us during this period of lockdown.

Surge in Demand
When this time of uncertainty has passed, a likely outcome is that we will see an even greater surge of buyers wanting to move to the country due to Covid 19. As well-established countryside estate agents we have witnessed young families making lifestyle decisions to raise their children in a more rural environment for many years, but I believe that this could now be accelerated and give a real boost for the rural property market.

Real Term Value
After all, we have not seen the peaks and troughs that London has had over the last 10 years and our market has remained relatively flat in real terms. When there has been better economic news the country market nudges up a few percentage points on buyer confidence, then an election is announced or Brexit kicks in and confidence wanes a touch with sentiment.

It will take a few months of trading to establish whether there has been any effect on country property prices in real terms, but perhaps we may a see a rural market that has a little more of a swing in its step?

CS May 2020

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