Country Cottages and what Attracts Buyers

April . 2017

Country Cottages are many peoples’ dream. Whether to escape to from the pressures of city life or to live in permanently, the country cottage holds a distinct charm and here are what we have found buyers most look for when making the move.

Period Character

Country cottages have plenty of character and what was often bricked in or boarded up in the 60’s and 70’s will now normally have been exposed again. Beams, inglenooks, flagstones and window seats all add to the flavour and enhance the value.

The Ambience of Open fires

There is little as cosy as a roaring open fire or wood burning stove, not only warming the rooms on dark winter nights, but also providing that certain ambience with flickering flames and the smell of wood smoke. A country cottage without a working fireplace or two somehow loses its soul.

Plenty of Light

Most peoples’ picture of a country cottage is of a dark and low beamed property with oppressive overhanging thatch. For some this is the ideal, but the majority would rather see larger windows letting in plenty of light. Some eighteenth and nineteenth century cottages have these better proportions, but if an older cottage is listed it is a harder task to achieve. The answer often lies in an extension with plenty of glass and perhaps a lantern or a vaulted ceiling giving at least some of the cottage that feeling of airy space and the modern touch.

An Attractive Garden

An authentic cottage garden in full bloom is simply stunning, although for some this Helen Allingham idyll is a bit old hat and these days buyers prefer a bit more open space. A well-structured area with lawn, well stocked beds and climbers would certainly do the trick, as long as there is the gin and tonic terrace catching the sun.

A Family Kitchen

Cottages have had to adapt to our modern way of life and over the twentieth century the kitchen came into its own as a separate room for, first practical food preparation, and more latterly eating in and socialising. These days a good quality family kitchen is often the most important factor in a buyer’s eyes. Add an Aga (preferably not oil fuelled) or Everhot and that is the icing on the cake.

A Great Location

It’s horses for courses and people have different ideas about where they want to live, some preferring rural isolation and others needing to have neighbours, but the most popular choice by far is a country cottage situated on the edge of a pretty village with a pub. You can’t do much to change the location of the property you are selling, but if you have a cottage in such a position and away from a main road you are sitting on gold dust.

We are deeply fortunate that our market is mainly country cottages. Not only because they sell so well, but also because we get to see some really lovely properties and are able to market them with genuine enthusiasm. If you have one to sell, therefore, let us know!


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