A Q&A with Rural View’s Fishing Expert Charlie Stone

April . 2022

When not in the office, Rural View’s Director of Country House Sales Charlie Stone makes the most of the exceptional countryside we have on our doorstep here in South Wiltshire, and fishing is among his passions.

The scenery in the Nadder, Wylye, Chalke and Avon valleys is in our opinion, among the best in southern England and the chalk stream fishing locally can also be world class too. Over the years Rural View has dealt with a number of buyers who want to be within close proximity to the well managed rivers, pretty water meadows, clear alkaline waters and healthy stocks of fish that chalk stream fishing entails. In a recent Q&A Charlie shared some local fishing tips.

How long have you been fishing?

Well over 40 years now! I had a rod in my hand aged 5 years old, and have great memories catching sea trout in Wales as a boy. We would often set night lines for eels and trout too, and there was great excitement in the morning to see what we had caught.

Which are your favourite local fishing spots?

The River Nadder at Compton Chamberlayne is a stunning. There is also a very pretty section of the River Avon between Salisbury and Stonehenge, which is another favourite.

How do you value Fishing?

Chalkstream Fishing has generally been valued by the yard. Whilst this is still useful, many other factors come into value, such as quality of the pools (for holding fish), the variety of pools / water, is the amenity value high? What are the catches like? Equally, there may be an opportunity to improve a fishery, its pools and banks, if it has been neglected or damaged by livestock. There is likely to be marriage value with fishing and a good country house and its associated land.

What makes chalkstream fishing special?

The crystal clear water means you can spot fish and cast to them. You can’t beat the peace and tranquility of the riverbank, whilst being amongst nature.

Can you recommend any good local fishing schools?

I enjoyed a very good casting lesson with Graham Waterton who lives in Tisbury a few years back. He can also accompany you on a fully guided day, to help you get the most out of your fishing trip. William Daniel of Famous Fishing is also a good person to know, he offers his clients guided fishing and access to some interesting water locally and abroad.

Best time of year for it?

May & June on any river is hard to beat; but you can catch pike or grayling through the winter.

Can you recommend any good local fishing shops?

My go-to fishing outfitters for trout are Robjents & Orvis, both in Stockbridge.

What has been your most memorable day of fishing?

My real passion is salmon fishing so either catching a handful of salmon on the fly in Scotland or landing a large salmon abroad after an hour-long battle.

Any fishing disasters that you don’t mind sharing?

Falling in and a hooks through fingers have been low points!

Which is the dream village on Rural View’s patch in terms of fishing?

Anywhere close to Compton Chamberlayne would be my top recommendation. We have been fortunate to be involved in the sale of 3 Mill houses in the last couple of years and they very often sell to a buyer who shares a passion for fishing.

And last of all, who are your fishing heroes?

There were many great Salmon fisherman in the 70’s, 80’s and 90s, but then there were many more salmon around then. I was fortunate to spend a week with Swede Mikael Frodin, who is the most incredible fisherman and also a tireless campaigner for Atlantic Salmon Conservation. In Frodin’s words “Any wild fish are worth more than a million hatched – any ecosystem is worth more than all the money in the world”.

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