Autumn Winter Property Market 2016

//Autumn Winter Property Market 2016

2016 has been something of a ‘stuttering’ Stop-Go year for the local property market. The early months showed signs of promise with good buyer and seller activity whilst not actually delivering many firm sales. Early summer was much busier although the progress of on-going sales was frustratingly protracted by long delays with Local Authority Searches. Things came to a halt briefly at the end of June with the unexpected European Referendum result, London, an important source of buyers, being particularly affected. The local market has however remained resilient and trade has remained robust from mid-summer deep into the autumn/early winter period.

Quite what 2017 will bring is difficult to predict with the current positive momentum being threatened by a shortage of properties on the market and continuing confusion as to what Brexit actually means and when it will take place. With so many home owners wanting to buy in this area, the expectation is that the local market will continue to flourish.