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July 2015

Single storey homes and Bungalows


Why is a single storey home not always necessarily a bungalow? Most people would think they are one and the same thing but this is not actually the case. Although the accommodation of many bungalows are set out on just one level and can therefore be correctly described as single storey homes, not all single [...]

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Entertaining kids in Wiltshire


The Summer Holidays are once again upon us and while getting away is always the focus of the coming weeks, there will be plenty of infilling to make sure that the little darlings are kept busy. Here in South Wiltshire we have a variety of activities, attractions and places of interest, both in the immediate [...]

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The new inheritance tax proposals


The recent budget has been described as one of the most progressive for years and one of the headline grabbing changes relates to the passing on of family homes and inheritance tax. From April 2017 if you own a property worth up to £1m you will be able to leave it to children or grandchildren [...]

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