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December 2016

how valuable is it to have a garage?


There has recently been a survey of insurance claims resulting from damage to cars in car parks, the result of which is that the insurance industry has seen a substantial increase over the last ten years. The cause? Apart from careless and possibly impatient driving, the principal reason seems to be that cars have got [...]

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March 2016

Local Schools – An Introduction


The right choice of school can of course have an enormous impact on a child’s education, development, well-being and future prospects. It is for this reason that the region is so popular with parents due to the excellent choice of schools in both the state and private sectors across all age ranges. The location of [...]

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November 2014

The Housing Market in 2012


This has been a year when normality has been all but forgotten. Traditionally one would have expected a slow impetus in the earlier months building towards a bustling late Spring and Summer market, falling back for the holiday period and then pushing ahead again in the Autumn. The housing market in 2012 2012, however, has [...]

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April 2014

Selling property with Rural View


Are you thinking about selling your property? Rural View has become a highly regarded agency with a reputation for successfully selling property including country houses across South Wiltshire, North Dorset, South Somerset and West Hampshire. Our approach to selling property Our approach is simple: to provide an excellent service involving the most extensive, good quality [...]

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March 2014


Hampshire State Primary Schools Abbotts Ann C of E Primary School, Andover Amport C of E Primary School, Andover Andover C of E Primary School, Andover Appleshaw St Peter's C of E Primary School, Andover Beaulieu Village Primary School, Brockenhurst Breamore C of E Primary School, Fordingbridge Brockenhurst C of E Primary School, Brockenhurst Broughton [...]


South Wiltshire Schools


Wiltshire State Primary Schools Alderbury & West Grimstead Church of England Primary School All Saints (VA) Church of England Primary School, Netheravon Amesbury Archer Primary School, Amesbury Amesbury Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Amesbury Bemerton St John Church of England Aided Primary School, Salisbury Bitham Brook Primary School, Westbury Bratton Primary School, Bratton [...]

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January 2014

November 2013

Trying to sell a rural house in December


The ideal way to put an estate agent in a dilemma at this time of year is to ask whether as a prospective rural house seller, you should put your home on the market now or to wait until the spring. The reason for the estate agent’s discomfort is that he is more than likely to [...]

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October 2013

Government ‘Help to buy’ scheme explained


In the last few weeks the second phase of the Help to Buy scheme has been launched, three months ahead of schedule and taking even Lenders by surprise. For those still not sure what this scheme entails, it is a Government guarantee to the lender of up to 15% of a property purchase, allowing a [...]

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August 2013

Is the Wiltshire housing market recovering?


While there is no particular pattern in the Wiltshire housing market at the moment we are happily seeing signs of more confidence from buyers and activity is on the up. One is always hesitant to herald the recovery, and it is likely that this is the end of the beginning, rather than the beginning of the end, [...]

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June 2013

Buying & Selling Property: Speeding up the Process


One of the most frustrating and emotive things about moving house is that both buyer and seller can pull out of the deal at any time. There are normally perfectly reasonable explanations, but the retraction can cause a huge amount of distress to the other party, not to mention the incurred costs. The legal process [...]

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April 2013

Selling your rural property in the winter months


Ask any estate agent about the current state of the housing market and you are likely to be greeted with a scowl!  At the start of this year, agents (and their vendor clients), hoped for signs of the long awaited recovery and although there have been one or two encouraging economic indicators, the reality is [...]

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February 2013

Should you try to avoid a chain when selling your home?


At some stage in our lives we will all move house and the complexities of the process will either glide smoothly to a happy conclusion, or cause stress and anxiety. The single main cause of any stressful move comes when a chain is involved: a who is moving to b, who is moving to c and [...]

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January 2013

Advice for those looking to sell property in 2013


The forecast for the 2013 UK housing market is that it will not be much different to 2012 in terms of property transaction levels and most commentators agree that that it is unlikely that we will see house prices recovering this coming year. Low interest rates are supporting a fragile market and while they remain [...]

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September 2012

The changing face of estate agencies


Having worked in residential estate agency for some 24 years and in rural agency before that, I have seen a few ups and downs in the property market. The current recession is however the deepest and longest that I have experienced and the widely held view is that it will be some time before we [...]

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June 2012

9 Tips for renting out your property


Over the months we have seen an increasing demand for rental properties, which is good news for landlords and an opportunity for investment. Here, therefore, are some tips for anyone thinking of buying to let or renting out their property: Research other rental properties Look into which rental properties are most in demand in the [...]

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March 2012

Fitting Furniture into Houses


Many times over the years we have shown properties where potential buyers have been deterred because there is no room for particular items of furniture. If you have inherited any furniture or furnishings, then you will know what I am talking about; possession, pride, love, guilt and duty all unite to form a resolute determination [...]

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December 2011