A New Decade, a New Property Market?

January . 2020

Whatever one’s view of December’s general election result and the divided state of the nation, at least the new Government’s substantial Parliamentary majority means that they will be able to progress their legislative programme so as to allow the country to move forward from the previous political impasse with a degree of certainty.
It’s too early to analyse how this and the UK’s forthcoming departure from the EU will affect what has been a subdued housing market but the widespread feeling is one of cautious optimism that it will give the sector a much needed kick start and allow it to get going again.
There are certainly active buyers around looking for their next home and as 2020 gets underway, the expectation is that sellers will find the confidence to put their properties up for sale and in doing so, bring some stability back to the market and boost trade. As we embark on a new decade, let’s hope that this will indeed be the case!

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